About Me

Cory Carnley Gainesville enjoys traveling. And that is a significant understatement. The best way to describe him is to say he lives for it. In the same way that others require oxygen, food, and shelter, the Florida native must travel. He exploits every opportunity for discovery.

While this may sound opulent, there is an element of yeomanry to his experiences. Carnley does not travel to exotic locales. Neither is he forging uncharted paths. However, he forges his path. He is not sitting with his toes in the sand doing anything. He has turned his hobby into a profession. Now that he can monetize his lifestyle, he no longer travels merely for pleasure.

As a travel blogger, he shares his travel experiences with the world.
The native of Gainesville will be the first to admit that his career as a travel blogger was largely accidental. Like most students his age, he desires experiences over material possessions. Therefore, he packed a bag and left instead of purchasing the newest sneakers or technology. Because he desired to share his adventures, he began his blog as a digital diary. With each new post, his audience grew.

Initially, he funded his trips through freelance work. He sold photographs and authored articles. It was the digital equivalent of the phrase "will work for food" Currently, he possesses his own emerging media empire. He has amassed sufficient funds through sponsored campaigns and advertisements to plan his next trip. This is all that matters to him.

Along the way, Carnley has developed quite a niche. He focuses primarily on domestic travel. The idea of exploring his backyard captivates him. By traveling throughout the United States, he believes he gains a new perspective, comprehension, and appreciation for the nation many call home. He has visited 44 of the nation's 50 states as of this date.

Cory Carnley Gainesville often jokes that deciding where to travel next is the most challenging aspect of being a travel blogger. However, this time it's much more straightforward. Carnley has set his sights on completing his U.S. tour, having traversed most of New England, the Midwest, and the Southwest. Upcoming are trips to Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and the remaining states he has yet to visit.

If this sounds incredible, it is because it is. Cory Carnley of Gainesville enjoys his life of travel across the nation. However, he quickly notes that it is not always a "vacation." His development as a travel blogger was organic but did not occur overnight. He is quick to dispel the misconception that blogging is carefree and glamorous.

His rapid success can be attributed to his dogged determination behind the scenes. He is a lifelong student. When not producing content, he conducts research, reads, generates ideas, and makes plans. Travel isn't just a weekend getaway. It has become his responsibility. But try not to feel too sorry for Carnley. He is pursuing his dream by traveling from state to state (post to post) and experiencing life.

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